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Hell's Kitchen (Clinton)

Hell's Kitchen is the colorful name for the gritty, residential and (formerly) industrial neighborhood to the west of the glittering lights of Broadway, Times Square and Midtown.

Those with a bit more refinement refer to the area as Clinton.

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The NeighBorhood

Currently located between West 40th Street and West 57th Streets to the north and south and the Hudson River and 8th Avenue to the west and east, Hell's Kitchen is smaller today than it once was. The area to the south of West 40th Street has been annexed by the rising new, hyper-modern neighborhood of Hudson Yards. And yet, even here, much of the distressed, gritty feel of the what was once a notorious enclave.

Today, this mostly residential neighborhood also features Restaurant Row, with a rich collection of eateries and off-Broadway theaters.

Also be on the lookout for the (controversial) horse-drawn carriages that ply their trade through Central Park. This is their home, too.

Highlight Gallery

Hell's Kitchen Lot

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All photography provided by Samuel Walters