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Queens is, quite literally, a melting pot. Its neighborhoods are diverse, vibrant, and equal measures gritty and scenic. Some places are as densely populated as Manhattan, others as sprawling as the suburbs of Long Island.

Without question, Queens has something for everyone.

Queens slideshow:

The Neighborhoods

It will be some time before the neighborhoods in Queens can be explored and photographed to the extent that those in Manhattan have been. But in the meantime, enjoy the introduction to Queens by way of Forest Hills, Ridgewood, Glen Oaks, Flushing, Douglaston, and Little Neck.

As you can see, some places feature sprawling mansions, others densely-packed row houses and warehouses. But no matter where you go, the personality of Queens - a place where diversity truly flourishes - shines through.

Highlight Gallery

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All photography provided by Samuel Walters