Top 100 Songs About New York City - Introduction

There are songs about New York City, songs that are set in New York City, and there are songs that name-drop New York City. Some are masterworks of songwriting and some are masterworks of celebrating the Big Apple. A lot of lists out there rank these songs based on their musicianship and lyrical depth - in other words, they rank the best songs ... that also happen to include New York City in some way shape or form.

That's not what this list is.

Rather, this is a celebration of the songs that best capture the diverse spirit of New York City. In general, preference is given to songs that are about the city itself ... then to songs that are set in New York and, finally, to songs that merely mention the city. As such, a really well written song that just so happens to mention the city may not rank as high as an average song that is all about the city.