Featured Photo - New York City At Night

City of Gold

For the next couple of weeks I'll be highlighting the work I've been doing this summer in New York City as the sun sets and the bright lights take center stage. Here we see the remnants of sunset over the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park. The prominent twin-towered building is the aptly-named "Eldorado" (after the fabled Lost City of Gold) luxury apartment building at 300 Central Park West.

Central Park Sunset - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir - Manhattan - NYC

Featured Photo - East Harlem

Midtown From Harlem

East Harlem is a mixture of residential, working class homes and towering, utilitarian housing projects. Unlike its more famous westerly neighbor, Harlem, there are fewer attractions and landmarks. But the train station at 125th Street and Park Avenue offers an unparalleled - and notably contrasting - view of the soaring, glitz of Midtown.

Harlem-125th Street Station at Park Avenue & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard - East 125th Street - Spanish Harlem - El Barrio - East Harlem - Manhattan - NYC

Featured Photo - Civic Center

New York by Gehry

Much of the Civic Center contains classical and utilitarian stone buildings, court houses, and centers of governance. Because of this, the already unique twisting, organic design of New York by Gehry (formerly the Beekman Tower) at 8 Spruce Street all the more striking. Here the moon accompanies one of the tallest residential towers in New York City.

New York by Gehry & Moon - Civic Center - Manhattan - NYC

Featured Photo - Chinatown

East Broadway

Chinatown is an ever-expanding neighborhood. East Broadway is a natural border, but as can be seen here, Chinatown's influence extends much further. Taken with a 16-3mm wide-angle lens from the Manhattan Bridge, this photo manages to capture not just Chinatown, but the distant neighborhoods of the Civic Center and the World Trade Center.

Market Street and East Broadway, from the Manhattan Bridge - Chinatown - Manhattan - NYC

Featured Photo - Central Park

Sheep Meadow

A virtual oasis in the midst of soaring skyscrapers and urban jungle, Central Park offers a natural refuge from city life. And of all the vistas and attraction of the Park, Sheep Meadow offers the most relaxing, serene, and memorable settings in not just the Park, but the city itself. Here, a warm, late-spring day shows the view and the recreation to be had.

Sheep Meadow - Central Park - NYC



Featured Photo - Carnegie Hill

Downtown on Madison

The raised elevation of Carnegie Hill, located on the Upper East Side, just south of Spanish Harlem, allows for some sweeping views of of the city. Here we see a parade of taxis on the infamous Madison Avenue. The tall building under construction is the new, supertall skyscraper known as 432 Park Avenue.

East 87th Street & Madison Avenue - Carnegie Hill - Manhattan - NYC

Featured Photo - The Bowery

Watchers In The Rain

One of the more compelling facets of the sliver of neighborhood called The Bowery is its preponderance of street art and graffiti. But it isn't always out in the open. Freeman Alley is a hidden gem, tucked behind Rivington Street. If you can find it, you'll be treated to shops, art, and even a restaurant.

"Watchers In The Rain" - Freeman Alley - The Bowery - Manhattan - NYC

Featured Photo - Bloomingdale District

Metro Diner

Widely regarded as part of the Upper West Side, the Bloomingdale District is a quiet sliver of neighborhood, just to the west of Manhattan Valley. There's certainly an old-world charm to its streets, embodied by the classic, retro-looking Metro Diner on Broadway and West 100th Street.

Metro Diner - Broadway and West 100th Street - Bloomingdale District - Manhattan - NYC



Featured Photo - Battery Park City

Teardrop Park

These are some of the modern high-rises that make up Battery Park City, a neighborhood located in Lower Manhattan, to the west of the Financial District and World Trade Center. This photo was taken in Teardrop Park - one of the many open, green spaces (including a riverside promenade) that gives the neighborhood a relaxed, residential air - despite its own high-rises being nestled against the soaring skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan.

Teardrop Park - Battery Park City - Lower Manhattan - NYC